Billie Holiday: A Sensation (2015) (en)

Slogan: `As a human being she was sweet, sour, kind, mean, generous, profane, loveable and impossible, and nobody who knew her expects to see anyone quite like her again.` -- Leonard Feather

Billie Holiday: A Sensation 2015

Billie Holiday: A Sensation Download - A documentary about the legendary jazz singer Billie Holiday (1915-1959). There exist many myths and legends about the Jazz Singer Billie Holiday — one of the greatest voices of the last century. Most of them tell the story of the tragic victim of drugs, alcohol, men, color, or the circumstances of her upbringing. To some extent she contributed herself to these legends, especially in her autobiography `Lady Sings the Blues`. In recent years, more and more records and reports have shown a different picture of her. These statements of confidants, colleagues and friends clean up with many of the legends and show a strong personality who has been anything but a pitiable victim. Billie Holiday was a strong-willed and determined person and a very complex personality who did not correspond to the classic victim type.
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